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Ten Things to Know When Shipping to Canada

U.S. businesses are increasingly realizing the potential of expanding to the Canadian market, where just across our northern border, live 33 million potential customers, and an economy that weathered the recent recession far better than the U.S. did.  But before … Continue reading

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The “Aha” Solution Helping Businesses Take Control

Inbound Freight Management: Businesses are increasingly realizing the good sense – and good economics – of taking control of the transportation logistics for all inbound materials.  The concept took center stage last year, when Wal-Mart announced plans to take control … Continue reading

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Pendulum Swings between Freight Volumes and Capacity Shortages

Good news! The volume of freight carried by U.S. trucks has increased dramatically, helping to restore growth and profitability to the recession-battled industry.  The not so good news is that significant cutbacks carriers implemented during the recession could result in … Continue reading

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