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What Exactly do Canada and the U.S. Buy from Each Other?

It’s no surprise to most that Canada is the United States’ top trading partner, with almost $1.7 billion in goods crossing the border each day. But what exactly are U.S. businesses sending to Canada? And what are U.S. businesses and … Continue reading

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Supply Chain Top Jobs Increasingly Held by Women

When the President hosted a White House ceremony in June to mark the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, included among the invited guests was Ellen Voie, president and CEO of a non-profit group called Women in Trucking.  While … Continue reading

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New Opportunities via Cloud Services

Remember the children’s game Jenga?  Players would place wooden blocks atop each other in a criss-cross pattern until inevitably, the tower would come crashing down, as the delicate balancing act became unsustainable. The Jenga concept is a good way to … Continue reading

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Changes to Driver Rules Likely to Cause Higher Trucking Rates

New rule changes took effect on July 1 that directly impact truckers and trucking companies.  But the effect of the rule changes are expected to reverberate throughout the economy, with analysts predicting truck rate increases of as much as ten … Continue reading

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Nearshoring Attractive to U.S. Fashion Industry

Given the average “shelf life” of an article of clothing in some fashion retail chains is about six weeks before discounting begins, it’s easy to understand why the allure of shorter inventory lead times and distribution flexibility would be appealing.  … Continue reading

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Education the Difference in Supply Chain Careers

A quick look at logistics-related employment openings on Monster.com reveals job titles including “demand planning manager,” “global supply chain manager,” and “reverse logistics manager.”  Each of these positions has at least two things in common:  (1) Each requires strong technology … Continue reading

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Tips for Managing LTL Costs

A recent analysis by Logistics Management reported widespread expectations for a LTL rate increase this year in the range of two to four percent.  The increase is due in part to a seeming “perfect storm” of events converging within the … Continue reading

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Canadian Sites Vie for Share of Ecommerce Market

Despite signs that Canadian consumers may be losing patience with Canadian retailers’ slow progress at introducing online shopping venues, more than a few local firms are rising to the challenge, and successfully tapping into Canada’s lucrative e-commerce market. One site … Continue reading

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Lack of Carriers keeping US Businesses out of Export Market

A not so well kept secret – less than one percent of U.S. businesses engage in some type of export activity.  This is despite the fact more than 95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside the U.S. borders. Then-Secretary … Continue reading

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Consumers Show Little Patience for Late Deliveries

“Hell hath no fury like a consumer with a late delivery,” could be the new mantra for today’s businesses.  After all, expectations for fast, on-time and free shipping have never been greater, with more than 55 percent of consumers expecting … Continue reading

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