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Online Tool Simplifies Tariff Assessments

A new online platform from the U.S. International Trade Administration (ITA) allows exporters to know, at the click of a mouse, tariff assessments for shipments headed to any of the countries with which the U.S.  has in place a Free … Continue reading

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Don’t Let an Ill-Prepared Shipping Label Hold You Up

Sometimes it’s the easy things that can mess you up.  Take shipping to Canada.  Most businesses are so concerned about the Customs clearance process, and making sure that they don’t get slapped with hidden fees or unexpected delays, that they … Continue reading

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Canada by the Numbers: Top Reasons to Expand Your Customer Base North

Looking to increase your customer base? Expanding to new markets and even new countries is a common plan. As a US based business, Canada is an obvious place to look, because of its close proximity and the many cultural similarities … Continue reading

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78 Percent of Duty Drawbacks go Unclaimed!

Are you in the habit of allowing the federal government to keep more of your money than is legally necessary?  Well, according to reports, each year the U.S. Customs Border Patrol (CBP) holds as much as 78 percent – a … Continue reading

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Ten Things to Know When Shipping to Canada

U.S. businesses are increasingly realizing the potential of expanding to the Canadian market, where just across our northern border, live 33 million potential customers, and an economy that weathered the recent recession far better than the U.S. did.  But before … Continue reading

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Pendulum Swings between Freight Volumes and Capacity Shortages

Good news! The volume of freight carried by U.S. trucks has increased dramatically, helping to restore growth and profitability to the recession-battled industry.  The not so good news is that significant cutbacks carriers implemented during the recession could result in … Continue reading

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Shipping from Canada or Peru – What “On Time Delivery” Means

Most businesses thrive very nicely without ever having heard the phrase “Incoterms,” and choose instead to leave the intricacies of international shipping to their logistics provider.  Except, it is worthwhile for a business to have at least cursory knowledge of … Continue reading

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Top U.S. Exports to Canada: Automobiles and Industrial Equipment

Canada continues to be the largest market for U.S. exports, with almost $250 billion* in the trade relationship, which saw U.S. exports to Canada dip to $204 billion during the peak of the recession in 2009. But what exactly are … Continue reading

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