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Single Window Initiative – Long-Awaited Relief for U.S. Trade Community

If you needed any convincing that the U.S. customs compliance process was in need of an overhaul, consider this statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection‘s (CBP) own publication: “Forty-seven agencies are involved in the trade process and among these … Continue reading

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Changes to Driver Rules Likely to Cause Higher Trucking Rates

New rule changes took effect on July 1 that directly impact truckers and trucking companies.  But the effect of the rule changes are expected to reverberate throughout the economy, with analysts predicting truck rate increases of as much as ten … Continue reading

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State of Logistics Report – Slow but Steady Rebound

More of a casual jog than an all-out sprint is one way to describe the rate at which the logistics industry has regained ground since the economic recession.  That is one takeaway from the “23rd Annual State of Logistics Report” … Continue reading

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Nearshoring Attractive to U.S. Fashion Industry

Given the average “shelf life” of an article of clothing in some fashion retail chains is about six weeks before discounting begins, it’s easy to understand why the allure of shorter inventory lead times and distribution flexibility would be appealing.  … Continue reading

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Education the Difference in Supply Chain Careers

A quick look at logistics-related employment openings on Monster.com reveals job titles including “demand planning manager,” “global supply chain manager,” and “reverse logistics manager.”  Each of these positions has at least two things in common:  (1) Each requires strong technology … Continue reading

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Fuel of the Future? The Growing Allure of Natural Gas

Many U.S. businesses took a “never again” attitude when diesel prices topped the $4.50 per gallon mark in the summer of 2008.  Managers looked askance as the price climbed, and wondered how high it could go, and vowed to find … Continue reading

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Canadian Sites Vie for Share of Ecommerce Market

Despite signs that Canadian consumers may be losing patience with Canadian retailers’ slow progress at introducing online shopping venues, more than a few local firms are rising to the challenge, and successfully tapping into Canada’s lucrative e-commerce market. One site … Continue reading

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Lack of Carriers keeping US Businesses out of Export Market

A not so well kept secret – less than one percent of U.S. businesses engage in some type of export activity.  This is despite the fact more than 95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside the U.S. borders. Then-Secretary … Continue reading

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Help Wanted: Supply Chain Candidates with Communication and Technology Skills

Considering a career in supply chain or logistics management?  If so, then it might be helpful to know what types of experience and education are most helpful in landing the job.  A recent study sponsored by Supply Chain Management Review … Continue reading

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Collaborative Outsourcing – Efficiencies & Savings

Just the phrase sounds very corporate-speakish, and readers will be excused if their eyes start to glaze over contemplating a post on this subject. But truth be told, once you get beyond the admitted geekish name, “collaborative outsourcing” is one … Continue reading

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